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Thinking about delivering a message up in the sky?

Where else on earth does print, radio, television or Internet advertising capture your audience’s attention for up to 7 to 10 minutes?

Skywriting and skytyping advertising keep your audience focused intently on your message, while they are taking videos and pictures and sharing your messages on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

It’s nearly impossible to create such a huge social media buzz elsewhere. With an airplane banner, sign, LED Night sign or custom billboard in the sky, you will get maximum advertising ROI here. Guaranteed!

Think about it!

If you have ever seen sky advertising how captivated were you, what did you read, how long did it last and did it entertain you? Did you tell anyone about it later? Of course you did!

It’s YOUR call


Cristina Jacuzzi
President & Event Producer

The Skywriters, LLC
Cell:  619-322-4948
Fax:  855-211-1626